Friday, December 11, 2015

Latest Veloz Avanza Car Modification

Having a car is very cool as well as many automotive enthusiasts preferred course so pride themselves. We provide this chance meeting Avaza Velloz image modification, this variant is indeed one among the brands Toyota, which thus is much preferred to the kitchen modifications berda water detained often do jobs like this car modif. Below is the appearance Veloz who have changed his appearance in such a way.

Modification of this new car looks very impressive indeed with the combination of three colors: yellow, white, and black. When viewed from design Toyota Avaza Veloz who has touched this change is indeed look cool with a yellow color so mempuni. Combined with the exterior side of a black and white make this car look gahar, artifacts turn dibagan body is more handsome than the original Avanza Veloz.

The use of white pall this car rim that is supported by very sleek sports car tires. Desan body is really very charming and do not seem like the Toyota usual, with special modifications debriefing Toyota Avanza Veloz is very excellent with a reduced height to make the outward appearance of stout. With the description of the modification that might be emulated by modifier homeland.

To do this Avaza Toyota car modification requires bianya 10 million to 70 million, depending on the degree of difficulty that desire. If you want good car mods done to the interior and performs well, it will be more sempuna and balance outside the car design. Visit also the modification of article regarding the latest Toyota Yaris and Toyota Avanza latest modification.

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