Thursday, November 5, 2015

Car Modification Honda Accord Newest

Display cars today indeed be the most important thing that is noticed by a group of automotive enthusiasts. Some votes that modification is number one, because it alsan make some modifications to the car make a new thing that the car looks cool, dancing, as well as extreme. Below is a modified 2005 Honda Accord alerts batik. Although already dimodif order to increase the prestige but the impression of love Indonesia looks strong with the use of this motif in his car, paka are some things you need to look at the time did overhaul of the car, consider immediate steps รข € "steps and experiences below.
Car Modification Honda Accord is indeed at first glance looks like a batik with a combination of black and white. But other color combinations also exist in the Honda Accord, it has a goal that looks more impressive and looks cool. Surely you are still confused as to initiate a modification of the first so that the same also with the Honda Accord cool it, look at most steps below.
The first step is done, namely exterior modifications, so that increasingly looks cool front bumper rear bumper swapping custom made original. Side front headlamp use the product variation, beyond the fog lamp lighting also helped Beta custom-made motor sport.

Continues to wheels attached I-Forged Thriump ring 20 inches and wrapped with rubber tires Accelera 225 / 35-20. In order to raise the room motion front tires front fenders widened to 2 cm each side, the expansion of this fender has a goal to make the car look wider and stocky. To look flat, spiral quasi using H & R product is cut five-threaded, were to continue to use the original soknya.

At the step to move to field three colors, for results look different car body is attached sticker accord batik which has kiwaled materials, this material has obvious advantages night time. The back side of the motif was given a sticker again doff black but has a purpose that seemed monotonous appearance.
In terms of interior, this car has the impression of Indonesia is also seen from the inside, with a seat Destroy again with leather crocodile patterned leather and combined with the motif. In the protective netting or sunlight also apply color batik motif. To enhance the charming impression on the backseat in the design as well as a minibar.

Honda Accord for audio issues can be repurposed with upgraded audio, Sony head unit which is combined with the power Phoniex Gold and monoblock Rockford Fosgate 2 units. With power supplied by the capacitor bank Critical Mass 50 Farad tone that makes voltage can be smooth and stable. Middle tweeter rezolution manifold K600 wear and to wear subwoofer Rockford P-2 double.

Modification Honda Accord batik style continues in the kitchen trigger, but it did not terbeberkan because of the appearance that has a higher priority from the outside as well as inside. Problems performance of the Honda Accord is no doubt, been proved in several arenas contest race this car can compete with the other. For those of you who want to have a modification like this car can do yourself with the steps above.

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