Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Toyota Harrier Facelift

Toyota Harrier facelift would present with a more premium penyuguhan, with penyematan expensive features to pamper passengers in the cabin. Any Hybrid system is also introduced.

Type the displayed on the picture is a Toyota Harrier with 3ZR-FAE engine specifications-capacity 2.0 litre Valvematic. The engine can generate power of 151 of 193 nm torque and dk is offered with the transmission of super CVT-i.

Well, while the sector pemanja cabin, this time there is a JBL audio system, electrical, booting GreenEdge surround view monitor and a panoramic sunroof. All these features are clearly making a Toyota Harrier getting premium.

Oiya, Toyota also provides an option for Toyota Harrier hybrid engine facelift. The capacity of the engine is also greater, namely 2.5 liters. Although the capacity of the engine was the same as the Toyota Camry hybrid, but his dual engine systems are different.

To support the ability of 4WD, Toyota Harrier has already added an electric motor on the rear axle which is able to donate effort of 68 dk and torsinya 139 nm

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