Sunday, October 25, 2015

Modified Cars Mazda RX-7 Latest

Photos Modified Cars Mazda RX-7 Latest - Still remember the animated film Cars which bertajub the red car Lightning McQueen. The animated character of the objects that make Masda car RX-7 to bring the latest car modification, the first impression seems daat see rendering Mazda RX-7 in cooperation drifter New Zealand, Mad Mike, as well as designer bodykit Rocket Bunny Kei Miura from this.
Mike is indeed often sponsored product drink Red Bull, there really was not to talk about ideas and direction as well as modifications. However, the design of the latest appearance Mazda is indeed want something else before after often wear Mazda same with style flat flat plus the wings a little in some of the side of the body, with the presence of creativity most certainly be material for some modifier cars munking want give it a fresh new look when doing various types of replacement body appearance.

Modifications were done â € œMiura is primed to adapt the rounded shape of the FD (Mazda RX7 FD) to make additions kembungan 100 mm in each corner until the tire bongsor can drown in it, praise Mad Mike. It indeed deserves praise him, when seen from the results is quite important and make the results very indulgent eye of automotive enthusiasts and people generally.

The retro race car as Mazda's nickname, a variety of pieces of design combined with cavity match â € "for ventilation slots on the bodykit named â € œRocket Bunny TRA-Kyoto 6666 MadMike FD RX-7A € ³ this. Substitution Mazda RX-7 is really very visible makes it look more fresh and elegant, when compared to existing car design modifications lately. The side air flow which in fact supports both add to the ability of the rotary engine in RX7 got Mike. In the most important part of the cavity, the radiator can freely distribute wind machine.

Performances that exist on this car is indeed impressed rounded, and forms on the roof RX7 FD is also reinforced by the bumper which is indeed almost flat and not plugged drain. For indeed the front side of the car carrying the current modification is currently elegant and try concerning this also carried by this modifier. It seems that their team is not easy to do this job with seriousness and creative inspiration game.

Mad Mike admits, that started since young amazed at Kei Miura also as a modifier of the 1990s were often doing rehab bosozoku style car. In fact the most important idea of ​​the typical Japanese modification it is a variety of race cars of the 1970s that prioritizes fattening fender section and add a movie style cards and that sort of thing did not escape from a variety of plans that cool of a team of this modifier. Finally indeed look like the cars in the film Cars, it can not be denied when the modification is actually very similar to that of the movie car Lightning McQueen.

The details of this latest modification could be studied on how Miura working on rear fenders, fender side it looks curved and bulging. And appears in a subtle way from the center to the stern, and by way of rear tires neatly wraps up the asphalt and a little clipping approach that has the objective to support the front wheels turn. With a fairly accurate calculation so cool realization modification work, extreem, charming and very beautiful. Praise coming from diverse automotive group on this car, a decent modification work was awarded because already produced something that is

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