Friday, October 2, 2015

Modification Volkswagen Up Racing

Modifications of volkswagen up Usually much once we found A lot of Motor Racing Diacara held in Indonesia. Diacara Motorcycle Racing Drag It Usually Motor Following Natural & Competition Is Motor-A Motor That Has Been Modified So That The Motor Is Usually Still Thus Became The Standard Motor As If Yg Live Reinforcement The Motor. In Addition To The Motor Engine Speed Also Usually Yg Standards Are To Be Turned Into A Very Fast Which Is Already Set By The Workshops Of Yg Did Indeed Deal With It Before The Motor Racing Contest.

Our previous posts about Image Ever Jg volkswagen up Wrote: We Can See Sampean Lambreto added. As well as this time Thus Gw Share volkswagen Group up we take From Modifikator volkswagen up Commonplace Joined and in the racing event. Please See The Picture Below:

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