Monday, October 5, 2015

Modification Toyota Scion FR-S

Modification of the Toyota Scion FR-S  – Hello Friend modfikasi lovers, meet again with us who accompany and share information to you all about info-info and picture modification motor cars and that is very cool and could be an inspiration to you all the time will modify both car and motorcycle. This time we will discuss about the car scion fr-s.

For you guys who like mods and also drift, scion fr-s is very suitable for you guys use because this car has a body that is quite stylish and high performance. car type coupe is indeed widely used by lovers of modifications and also drift because it has been proven his ability. Even this car never exhibited at the detroit auto show and pretty much suck up attention. Scion fr-s has the look of a very aerodynamic body especially on the bumpers that has several indentations that look cool and very sporty. For engine parts, scion fr-s 2.0-liter boxer engine with four-cylinder engine that is able to generate power reached 400dk and also produce a torque of 469nm. Heading into the interior, the car has two doors has a design that is no less cool than interior design. With two seat sporty and elegant newfangled chairs add to the impression of a macho on this car. For a clearer picture about car modification scion fr-s, here we will show some modification of the scion fr-s.

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