Monday, October 12, 2015

Modification Toyota Agya

Modification of the car purchased the LCGC Agya – into his home, only for one purpose, stance of the car.

The presence of Low Cost Green Car (LCGC) launched the Brand holder's Agent (APM) official in Indonesia, not only offered at a bargain price, but also the car is equipped with the latest technology can also be expected to reduce the air pollution that is already getting piled up in the city of Jakarta.

It turns out that no one predicted the automotive experts will be the presence of LCGC this will suck the attention automotive connoisseurs. Because after this category car cheap, almost almost sold out, even though the customer must wait for the order came, almost takes about three months.

One of them is Kiki Anugraha owner Toyota TRD S Type Automatic Agya 2014 which diboyongnya into the garage of his home from the dealer near her home. "I choose the Agya, because in addition to it's cheap and affordable, its fuel consumption is also relatively efficient. Not only that, spare partnya very easy in a can, "says private employees.

Although the look of the TRD Agya pabrikannya already looks sporty, not thus make Kiki satisfied, if not given a touch of modification. When parking in the already garasinya Agya, Kiki direct buy some scented accessories modifications in support of the display to make it more exclusive Agya, who previously received a lot of feedback about the modification of his friends as well as from his family that combined the results of his own ideas.

The first touch in fix Agya focused on sectors of the legs, the standard rims 15 inch in diameter Agya, feels less supportive in adopting the concept of stylish modifications Stance. The solution is to immerse the 7 R1 rims try immersed in the space under the fender Agya.

In applying the wheel rims are much larger, Kiki claims to be much encountered difficulties. Given a room in the space under the fender belongs to smaller, making them should be meticulous in setting fitmentnya. The exact process of this modification must be done several times to get comfort in driving, although the car looks ceper.

"As the first week, I try to use the tire size is 205/40/17, and replace the lowering kit, feels really gesrotannya. Akhirmya, a month later I change tire size 205/40/17 and lowering kit which is shorter. Not finished until there, front and rear mudguards with parts too in grinding total, slightroll and fender liner is heated so that it can be arranged when making the turn, and free from gesrot, "explained Kiki which entrust workmanship on Danet kaki-kakinya located in the area of Bintaro Jaya Midun and Spring.

The settlement sector legs turned out yet satisfying hobby men who play golf, Kiki then replace it back lowering kit with a lesser size, as well as adding back as much as spicer 16 mm so that the fitment looks lebh ideal. What's more, the father of a son also claimed to had difficulty in finding R17 rims are sized with a width of 7.5 "flat ET 40.

After revamping the sector kakikaki, Kiki tries to fix the other sectors, such as in the passenger cabin dijejejali with multiple audio devices
qualified without having to replace the role of the head unit. Including 4 JBL unit and power twitter and soundstream tesemat on top of the dashboard.

"I am also adding the Camera back and sensor parking so that your wife is also often carry cars, easier when parking in narrow places," said Kiki who claim to need a week to modify his car outside kakikaki sector.

Although these private employees have been very satisfied with the look of the outside of his car, but he felt interior sector should also be addressed. Therefore, by asking for help from one of the workshops of their contact, Kiki has already ordered the original Recaro seats to replace the standard upholstery Agya.


Car Toyota TRD S Type Automatic Agya 2014 | OWNERS Kiki Grace | Remus exhaust MACHINE | The INTERIOR of the Camera sensor, parking | LEG – FOOT Rim BBS CH R17 Width 7.5 ET40 Accelera PHI, tires 205/40/17, Lowering kit-SBM, Showa shockbreaker, spicer Knok 16 mm, Camber-5.3, the bolt length | TV AUDIO GPS AVT, 4 pieces 10 ", JBL power sub active Soundstream, Tweeters | SPECIAL THANKS TO my beloved Wife, Kak Harry Kurniawan and sister Dipa, Bonny Wxfz, Akiong Sinar Mas, Consort Ban (Kyle Smith), Tirta Motorsport, om Eddy RCH Radio in Midun Jaya, Spring, Sarinande, Iwan Auto Distro

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