Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Modification Suzuki Esteem

Car design has become popular nowadays, in addition to making you more confident also make your car look more cool and be the center of attention because of the design of the elagan. The design of the car is very popular nowadays is almost similar to the sporty cars so that the look of the body looks more impressive good views from various directions.

Suzuki Esteem car manufacturer Suzuki is in production around 1990 's. Cars Suzuki gained glory in 1993, Suzuki Esteem itself is divided into two variants i.e. Suzuki Esteem to Suzuki Esteem and gt. Difference on engine capacity, Suzuki Esteem in bekali with a capacity of 1300 cc engine which had the G13B engine code, not only is this car also in sisipi with 4 cylinder SOHC 16 valve SOHC tech. And to Esteem GT in the 1600 cc engine capacity bekali. For body itself into two variants are still the same. However, in the performance of the Suzuki Esteem more powerful GT in compare with the 1300 cc, Because that's the price of this version is higher.

Although car Suzuki Esteem to now be in say the old car but prices still high luamayn pasaranyya price secondnya Esteem 1.3 1991 still in badrol Rp 24 million, while for the 1993 price range Rp 35 million. But if ana wanted more powerful cars that you can choose the Esteem 1.6 GT in 1996 could be your choice, for a price market price at Rp badrol 38-43 million have a heyday sebelu, Baleno car was launched on the market. And are not necessarily at the time this car was destroyed. because it is still an awful lot of cars Esteem who are on the road. Because this car had a price range and which can be easily supported treatment which the spare part is still abundant in the market so you don't have to bother to look for it.

So articles about Mods Suzuki Esteem for the readers and especially the lovers of car modification may provide additional insight in selecting the design or modification of that fitting your car with one of these car Suzuki Esteem.

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