Sunday, October 25, 2015

Modification Of Cars Colour Trend 2015

Not much different from years ago, the white color still dominates and remains a favorite new car colors most sought after today. Not only in Indonesia, some of the survey also showed consumer interest in the UK against white color today still high. Research conducted SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) said that nearly a quarter of new cars registered in the UK are white. SMMT has also added white color selection on cars increased significantly compared to the year 2010, which accounted for only 10 white cars of all new cars registered. By 2015, the SMMT also predicted a white car remains a consumer favorite and will even jump from the previous year. According to data from PPG Industries said "Color White still dominates the global auto sales because 21 percent of car models around the world are white, 20 percent black and silver", this indicates the car manufacturers to produce more cars are white compared to color Other. The current dominance of the color white is still the favorite for the new car would you buy, do not be surprised if the new car on the highway will be predominantly white in 2015. In the event the Geneva Motor Show in 2015 a few days ago, all manufacturers who took part crushed car almost certainly provide the color white for all models offered.

For those of you who are going to buy a new car make the selection of colors to suit the current automotive trend and for the next few years will benefit you when to sell back your used car. Colors are predicted several surveys over white adalan still dominate for this year and the next few years.

To modify the color of the car you need the exact color selection and in accordance with the current trend of car color is white. Selection of colors corresponding to the color trend in 2015 will make your car is always up to date and current. Make sure you consult the color of the car brand selection that you will use to change the color of your car with a car repair shop and paint experts.

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