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Modification Honda Nouva – Operation Of The Machine

Modification Honda Nouva – Operation Of The MachineSurgery can be done so that the engine sped around the track drag race to come.

While taking part in a drag race, Gustapriya feel dissatisfied with the performance of the engine Honda Nouva hers. 1300cc engine capacity of it he is very less. So he had to play the brain in order to be able to terdongkrak his car engine performance.

Engine swap done using Honda Estilo
Modification Honda NouvaCangkok engine no matter the performance making Estilo produced increased dramatically. The original capacity of only 1300cc now a 1800cc. "the reason is because of regulation kejurnas drag race allows the engine swap, and beside that the position of the holder machine with exquisite precision very Estilo machine Nouva," said Gustapriya.

As an admirer of speed, even though it has conducted engine swap but Gusta, greeting a close companion, keep the kitchen components mengoprek runway. Purpose is to make no other engine performance that he canggkok more terdongkrak. For it to finish and deployment tools-lift engine power considered necessary.

As drive systems round the engine and transmission system supports also got a special finish. Some of the components of a racing-lift power deliberately in jejali. Diperbaruhi transmission system by the tuner display the ACT Extreme, like the clutch. Finish also extends to the engine innards like stang piston to apply from kepunyaaan ZC.

Modification Honda NouvaProyek modification did not cease until there only. In order to produce combustion and its elements can support the performance of the combustion chamber is deliberately diaplikasikannya. As the coil wear MSD propower accel, while for the connecting wires using NGK. As a source of ignition Gusta entrust Autolite.
Modification Honda NouvaSaluran exhaust gas of combustion result happens in the room burning channelled through custom designed header. When the accelerator dibejek sounded fierce and powerful thanks to the custom design of muffler deployment as the overall performance of any racing also enliven the kitchen runway.
Modification Honda NouvaKini gusta was satisfied with his machine like that. According to him, could have qualified if streaking in the drag race later. Great again, the result of his creativity it won the title of The King Of Racing at the Accelera Auto Contest 2009 held in Yogyakarta yesterday.



Honda Nouva 1989
The owner of the



Honda ZC 1800cc, Hurricane water filters, Autolite spark plugs, custom radiator, NGK spark plug wires, MSD coil, ignition module accel Propower MSD 7 AL2 & MSD 6-AL, aki GS Hybrid, turbo IHI RHF 4, blow off Custom intercooler, Custom gear, cam, cam shaft AEM Bullfrog, crank shafts, valve spring Custom ZC Jones, valve, piston, Wiseco Mugen stang piston ZC, Extreme ACT clutch, fly wheel ZC Custom , custom headers, carburetor 4 Barrel 45


side skirt, rear bumper custom custom rear wing, custom, custom hood one piece, glass-glass full acrylic, fuel tank, exhaust, custom Jazz body chop-top

Those Legs

TRD front rims, rear wheel rims, tire Boggart MH Race Master, Bilstein, sokbreker per H&R, brake Parachute Breaking System, custom strutbar


door-trim dashboard, custom, custom plate bordes, safety belt Scrotch, steering wheel Momo shift knob, handbrake, custom, custom pedal set Type R, Autometer Autometer speedometer, indicator, 6 point rollbar.

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