Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Modification Car Toyota Timor

For those of you who own a car, the timor and the timor car you want to modify, you need to pay attention to the file's that's right for your car in the outcome's didn't disappoint and you feel satisfied with the modif you want now to be considered is the design, interior, as well as comfort in drive, the car is the most popular car in the 1990s.

Car sedan has a design that is elegant and luxurious enough, even though it was, the performance on this car is still in a very good, said labor is still strong, gasoline pemakain also sparingly, therefore still many circles who are seeking this timor sedan, the look of this car is not inferior to the look of the cars today. To modify you can paint on the body from front to back, and also give a little air brush strokes in order to increase firmness of the timor car is, elain that also you can revamp your alloy wheels became veleg racing. Do not forget also to the existing interior in this car should also be overhauled so that a little bit uncomfortable, and make us happy in the drive.

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