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Modification Car Daihatsu Taft F50 "Rape" in 1980

Modification Car Daihatsu Taft F50 "Rape" in 1980  Indonesian - Greetings otomania, HOT in daytime this opportunity we will present information concerning a modification of older jeep car namely Daihatsu Taft F50 or often called Taft Added the birth in 1980. The restoration process is done by the owner of the workshop addressed Auto Performas a Daihatsu Taft F50 which was very fresh and inviting decak amazed to see it.

Imagine if this antique Jeep cars were in a pitiful condition with bodywork already rusty, tires attached to the wheel rims to the engine also can not be turned on at all. But in the hands of skilled David known in a community of car lovers Daihatsu Taft, car SUV jadul is capable of showing its aura as the formidable cars in all fields simultaneously accentuate the classic age of value already reaches 35 years old.
Jeep car Modification-the restoration of the Daihatsu Taft F50 1980
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The process of restoration of the Daihatsu Taft is added it takes quite a long time which is around 7 monthly. Car body as a whole are needed again, but unfortunately the front door parts already cannot be saved again because the keroposnya has been very severe, so David replace it from the model that has the profile F10 Taft lines that are slightly different from the original. After returning intact and then the owner of the repair shop located in Kelapa Gading to this mengguyur this is added with Taft's body color green army up to its part of the vehicle wheel rims, but for the roof of David prefer white color.

Jeep car chassis parts of Japan was given an extra forward through the 15 cm for preparations, if one day want to install tool crane (winch). While the engine was retained for the type DG which are all still original, just done an overhaul on some parts such as piston, piston ring, metal seated, liner and metal road and the result was not in vain because mesih alive with subtle sounds.

Switch to the legs, David do a restart against four reconditioned front and rear by replacing the bearings-bearingnya new. For per leaf was still using the original labeled Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), while at the sokbreker, a brand of Procomp ES9000 an option to mute the movement ban. To add to the old green Jeep tongkrongan a two-type waist wheel rims belong to the Daihatsu Taft Hiline selected with bind round rubber from Bridgestone Dueler AT measuring 30x9, 5xR15. In the meantime use the front brake disc brake dicomot from younger brother namely Taft gt.

Entering the interior seems to be the impression of the cabin a Jeep is still maintained a simple David. The leather wrapped steering wheel and a new look with the speedometer panel spare parts OEM, meanwhile the whole joknya is wrapped in black color with red polet as variations. It doesn't look like any other audio system accessories inside the cabin Taft Added the property of David, but the original AIR CONDITIONING grilles still attached in the Middle under the dashboard. Typical supporting car Jeep accessories are only visible in the exterior part, namely a pair of spotlights Hella brand comet 500 type and antene with yellow doll head end to the right of the hood.

Following such appearance picture of some part of the jeep mods, Daihatsu Taft F50 belongs to David:

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