Monday, October 19, 2015

Infiniti Car Modification Preparation 30ds

A model of sport itself, now sportier than ever - as always stress for months, today is an ever increasing habit whether to take various models, whether cars or trucks, small or large, cheap or expensive , and modify them to add some customization pack, and in most cases, the engine power is present or is placed directly one more powerful.

The preparer AHG Sports announced a new customization and performance kit for the Infiniti FX 30DS. The main change in the model is the preparation of diesel SUV 3.0 V6 engine that now produces 280 horsepower. By contrast, the model developed by 238 horsepower. According to the trainer, the changes were made for the model to become a direct competitor to Diesel Cayenne Posch.

To complete the changes, the Group offers a set of rims of 21 "and lowered suspension. To give the Infiniti FX 30DS is forced to spend € 1,250 for the preparation of the model, € 7,900 to € 1,495 tractors and for changing the suspension. All this without counting the cost of the car.

The model is quite a bit more expensive than the original, and that what we can see with the naked eye, but for those who do not know, is actually one of the most powerful models that Infiniti is now among the full range of models, because if think, is more powerful, by far, than any of their trucks or vehicles in its standard version.

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