Friday, October 2, 2015

Google's smart car

Google always spawn innovation that makes people berdecak amazed. This digital giant indeed has always been a pioneer in many things including gadgets such as smart phones android, tablets, 3D glasses are smart and clever watches. but not only deals with the Google Gadgets, devices are secretly has developed a smart car named smart car. Google's smart car is very unique because it could run without using the accelerator, brakes and steering, even without a driver. Passengers stayed seated just sweet and gave the order in which the intended place, then the car will automatically goes to the intended place armed with navigation from Google Map.
The car had just tested it running with drape navigation Google maps as well as a variety of information collected from the map. As for the security on the highways, the smart car uses laser sensors and cameras to detect the existing obstacles in the way. The car that initiated by Sergey Brin is planned to be produced en masse, but still consider a few things related to licensing and security.
Car without crew is indeed not something new in the automotive world, but a car without brakes, gas, and steering wheel might be an interesting innovation to technology automation. In addition to its small and cute, it turns out there are interesting facts about this Google smart car. Quoted from the following 5 Unique google Smart Car Facts
Designed to minimise accidents
This cute little car began was conceived after sergey felt concerned with the condition of the highway today. In the United Kingdom for example more than 23 thousand people are killed each year due to accidents on the highway. So Sergey with Google to develop this car for the reoriented as a vehicle that is safe.

The shape of the cute and funny
Smart car form Google is very cute with a small size with a cabin for two passengers. The design is also more similar to a car's character in the cartoon.
Even though the shape is cute, but this car has a fairly high level of security. Google is designing this car is as safe as possible. For example on the part of the glass is made flexible so as not to hurt the passengers.
Slow speed
For those of you who are often driving fast, do please use this car to Buffalo racing. Because this car can only be reaching maximum speed 40 km/h only.
Using a single button
The unique facts of this car is using only one button. Good to turn on or turn it off. Passengers stay bound to the button is then recite the intended place, then the car will move and stop at the intended place, very simple, instead of/
That's some unique facts about car smart google. Although not yet officially launched, but sophistication is worth the wait the realization in the automotive world.

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