Friday, October 2, 2015

Collaboration Toyota-BMW Would Produced End Year 2015

Toyota and BMW signed agreement will develop cars together. Is there any development in four distinct areas, namely, fuel cell technology, the electric powertrain, and architecture for sports cars of the future.

But they do not know for sure when the future sports car produced.

"Before the end of this year we will reach an agreement is important. We don't know if that (sports car) will advance to production lines or not. Just wait before the end of the year 2015, "said Toyota spokesman told the Automotive News Europe (18/9).

Meanwhile, BMW'S CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER said that so far the two companies have been in talks about the importance of such cooperation. It's just that his side are still reluctant to divulge about talks going on.

"It took a lot of research before going into production lines. We think this type of platform, type of architecture, and so on, "Toyota spokesman continued.

If the deal goes well, it is not impossible that sports car would start being produced at the end of this year. Hopefully it soon realized.

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