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Austin Mini Cooper S 1964 Results high levels Modification of original collector of United Kingdom

Antique Car restoration, Austin Mini Cooper S 1964 Results high levels of Modification of original collector of United Kingdom
Antique Car restoration, Austin Mini Cooper S 1964 Results high levels of Modification of original collector of United Kingdom
Restoration of antique cars Mini Cooper S 1964 Results high levels of Modification of original United Kingdom-Collector Kalu already hobby people usually willing to sacrifice anything to channel his interest in the hobby. Includes antique car lovers who are in some developed countries such as the United Kingdom, they are often hunting vehicles already rare in the streets is to rebuild so that they have the value of history is very high for collectors of antique cars that are scattered in various corners of the world. Because in addition to having a very high value, for those collecting antique cars is a great satisfaction and pride in the channeling of hobby otomotifnya.

Antique car 1964 Mini Cooper S

Well, this time we will share the information of an antique car 1964 Mini Cooper S car manufacturer from English namely Austin Mini that's been restored completely by a collector in the United Kingdom. Car modifications it has high level of machine capacity 1.3 L petrol-fuelled type with a manual transmission. According to the owner, before falling into the hands of this antique cars already traveled as far as 99.999 miles and has been restored to its original full compliance with a stylish saloon with a kind of mini coupe that has 2 doors. In his early appearances in the Mini Cooper S is available in only two colors namely black and white.

Antique car Austin Mini Cooper S have gained certification from the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust, and the car is also part of the true history of automotive car derived previously Cooper Mark bemesin 1 182 1 cc with white body color of old England and the roof is black with doortrim in red and gold Interior. Historically this car was built in March 1964 and supplied by Mylchneest Motor in the Isle of Man region. Manufacturer's cars Mini Cooper S is equipped with a selection of Fresh Water Heater. In addition to having the amount of fans that much, be unique from the car are identical to the character Mr. Bean comedy this is the treatment that has been dilakukaknnya, especially in the process of returning the intact with a high level of keorsinilan since 1967 Alexander Conversion do this car engine modification be capacity of 1275 cc. This car has also been used in a car racing event at the circuit or Rally.

Antique Mobilo Modification

His old machine have been lowered and the number of spare parts have been replaced, the new the new engine with high compression Pistons are balanced again. The head of the cylinders with gas flowing modified and polished. A Camshaft is enhanced with special valve springs. The koplingnya plate have been replaced with CR Gears installed back, so a steel crankshaft and oil coolers is mounted again. Two karburatornya have been replaced with different sizes to run better on the final gear in accordance with the needs of consumers in advance. And nearly all parts in the machine experience a customized replacement engine performance now and with this car's engine is capable of producing power of 95-105 BHP. Not quite up there reverts the changes of the Mini Cooper S is still continuing on the shock absorbers and suspension are upgraded models of racing from Koni Shock in the form of suspension Struts. Antique car engine has been customized for using fuel that is more environmentally friendly unleaded. For the car braking system is still using the original servo brake, namely brake Aeroquip.

Mini Cooper S 1964

The owner of this car has been documenting all the details with complete records are accompanied by photos of the entire restoration process soon. Car body has been painted using nitro-cellulose paints a different original with modern paint to keep the original look of the car as it was in 1964. He also has the original racing microcell seats trimmed back with original material. All the body panels with difficulty has arranged and composed for the neatly mounted in accordance with its original conditions. For the sake of this antique car endurance racing also has the benefits of a fuel tank and twin sister has been set-up as a car club related to the geometry of the suspension with a slight negative camber (1 ½ degrees) as determined as the car tuning modifications. If you want to follow the car in the race car-classic car gatherings then this car could wear a lighter wheel rims with Yokohama tires. Mini Cooper S it still can be the setting for the user's needs in the days to come up with modifications that may be desired by other users.

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